Tourist tax in Bremerhaven - city tax

Bremen und Bremerhaven introduced a tourist tax on 1 April 2012, which was amended on 1 January 2013.

Exemption options

A separate certification has to be completed for each stay in Bremen und Bremerhaven that is necessary for business reasons, and for each guest:

  • Invoice issued to the employer or
  • Employer certification using an official template: download here (only available in German)
    • Contents must be: Name and address of the employer, name of the employee, date of stay and the reason for the stay
Freelancers, self-employed individuals and contractors:
  • Complete the self-certification using an official template --> download hier (only available in German)
    • No further documentation is required. The municipal authorities reserve the right to check the details provided.
  • The certification is always valid for one stay; if you depart on a Friday and return on a Monday, then a new certification has to be submitted to the hotel.
  • Applications for subsequent refunds must be submitted to the municipal authorities within four months of the end of the stay.
  • Services subject to the tax

    • The tax is billed per guest and night, depending on the category of the hotel (according to BremenTourismus, net plus VAT):
      • €1.00 for simple guest houses, camp sites etc.
      • €2.00 for hotels with one to three stars
      • €3.00 for hotels with four or more stars
    • The categorisation of hotels is based on the generally applicable domestic criteria
    • Children are exempt
    • The tax is applied for a maximum of seven consecutive nights. Further nights (consecutive and at the same hotel) are not subject to the tax.
    • A separate certification must be provided for each guest; group certifications are not accepted

    Contact for further forms and questions