City Tax Dresden

Dresden imposed an accommodation tax on 1 July 2015. Travelling for business reason is exempt.

Exemption options

A separate certification has to be completed for each stay in Dresden that is strictly necessary for business reasons.

  • Completed official template: download here or
  • Informal employer certification including AT LEAST the following information:
    • Name and address of the employer
    • Name and date of birth of the guest
    • Period of the stay
  • Pre-reserved “contingency bookings”, for which the employer has confirmed in writing that all the rooms are definitely required for business purposes (e.g. for a project) do not require any further documentation.
Freelancers, self-employed individuals and contractors:
  • Complete the self-certification --> download here (only available in German)
    • No further documentation is required. The municipal authorities reserve the right to check the details provided.
  • The certification can be valid for more than one stay but in this case must contain all arrivals and departures in detail
  • Joint confirmations are allowed (naming every single guest including date of birth)
  • Services subject to the tax

    • The tax depends on the cost of accommodation per person and night:
      • Up to €30.00 room cost: €1.00
      • Up to €60.00: €3.00
      • Up to €90.00: €5.00
      • The tax increases in increments of €2.00 for each additional €30.00 room costs
    • Children, the severely disabled (80%+) and their companions (“B”) are exempt from the tax

    Contact for further forms and questions